Friday, 20 February 2009

Bono is such a knob.

I didn't attend the Brit Awards this year, I did however embrace various afterparties with my friends Wendy and the wonderful Julian Perretta - to whom I have every ounce of faith that he will indeed, be winning tings at Brits '10 (how weird does '10 look).

Anyhow, I watched the whole thing on TV the day after, and how much of a knob is Bono? I'm sorry, maybe I'm young and naive (what a tune) but I have never and will never enjoy the music of the band U2 - Their new song is absolutely awful, HANG UP YOUR BOOTS BONO.

Evidence of Bono being an absolute ponce:

I mean, look at him? fuck off bono.

I did however very much enjoy Pet Shop Boys and major props to the pensioner Duffy, who is afterall about 60. Clare Maguire will be doing a massive musical shit all over you in 09/10, take a whiff.

In the spirit of embracing great, british music, I strongly suggest you head over to The Maccabee's Website and download 'No Kind Words' - it's a banger with a side of sincerely enjoyable mash. A N D I T S F R E E ! To me it sounds like a perfectly mature progression for The Macca's and I eagerly anticipate hearing the new record, plus, the website itself is pretty cool too, loving it.

Until next time...


  1. I second this! I had the unfortunate opportunity of watching U2 live forced upon me by my parents where I spent the entire ordeal sat down for if I were to of stood i would have swiftly moved my 12 or so year old legs infront of one another until I had reached bono's ego which came almost all the way out to the rafters and set it alight! he is the epittamy of dickhead!!!

  2. I agree on both U2 and Julian Perretta.