Monday, 2 February 2009


I used to drink a lot of cider when I was around 16, one vivid memory (of very few) is one of drinking an entire 3ltr bottle of Morrison's finest own brand cider with my friend Jen across the road from the Camden Barfly within the space of about 10 minutes, the result being intense projectile vommiting moments after. The moral of this story is, don't drink morrison's own cider, because it doesn't taste nice, and don't drink 3ltrs of it.

I mention cider because a band by the name of apples are a pleasant little band from Hereford, who are bashing out some of the catchiest tunes around at the moment. If you're bored of Lady Gaga and the other crap currently clotting up our advert-filled spotify experience, enjoy this sweet little tune 'Reason 45' by Apples.

'Reason 45' - download

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