Wednesday, 25 February 2009


I not so secretly hate people who have gotten to where they are within the music industry down to their parents or family name, whatevs, I often wish I'd had a producer dad or A&R uncle, but then again, I wouldn't work half as hard as I have done! But here are a few talented relatives!

Talented Littlemore #1 Nick Littlemore.

I think by now everyone has heard of Empire Of The Sun, the aussie duo who featured on my 'Aussie Bangers' playlist on itunes...

Anyway, before Nick Littlemore became said band, he was in the best bangin aussie outfit, the amazing PNAU!.

I'd heard of them but not actually listened to them for ages, until I stumbled across their website, home of the most addictive game ever <-- seriously, we'll come back to that later.

Anyway, they are amazing, and their most recent album never even made it to the UK which is dark, so, enjoy a couple of tracks here...

Wild Strawberries - download
Embrace - download

Talented Littlemore #2 James Littlemore

He is indeed responsible for the very addictive game you're probably still playing instead of reading this! And...probably the best 'animated' video in the world:

Look at that strawb go!!

I strongly suggest you check out his stuff:

If that wasn't enough, Sam Littlemore aka Sam La More did a pretty good remix of Walking On A Dream, have a listen:

Walking On A Dream (Sam La More RMX) - download

they 'av ze dalent.

that is all!

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