Sunday, 15 August 2010


If there's one thing there seems to be an abundance of, it's photographers, EVERYONE is a photographer. HOWEVER, I'm looking for one to take part in a conceptual project which involves a series of shoots which for the most part, have been planned out and have a solid concept, but I'm looking for a photographer who can bring the creative input to make these speak as loud as they can.

It will be a series of 10, involving mostly inanimate objects, but we're looking at using people in a couple where the concept involves them and it feels right.

It's really exciting, it's going to be awesome, the right person should have the following:

• A decent camera with the photographic skills to boot.
• Great creative direction
• A portfolio of work online we can see
• General knowledge and/or access to studios/spaces/locations to shoot
• Experience in conceptual projects not necessary, but ideal

If you think you're up for it, please do holla @ me on: ASAP! We need to start this week!


Friday, 7 May 2010


2010 isn't the year of the Tiger, them chinese heads must be dizzy because it's the year of the Lion, aka Primary 1.

If you're not yet familar with the sounds, cop a listen on MySpace. So far we've had out 'The Blues' featuring that little Swedish siren Nina Persson, it's beaute, download it for free at Previously to that, we had an entire album compiled of sweet leftfield joys called 'Mess Detective. My absolute favourite track being 'Enough' - reminds me of that opening scene in Romeo & Juliet? You know...the one where Leo is wandering around on that beach? Alright fine I'll shut up.

So we're going in HARD with first proper single, Princess. It's a right fucking banger, get familar with the video below, directed by the Radical dudes behind recent Yeasayer visual vibes. It's out on 4th July (just in time for the Americans to party party their heads off celebrating independence and the fact they don't even have a princess, or royal family, it's cool - they've got Obamarama) and there are remixes coming from MJ Cole and CHLLNGR - if you give a shizer about remixes. There is also a re-invention by the band of Florence & The Machine, masterminded by the true Believer, and the best person you'll ever follow on Twitter, @DennisBelieve - he's a real shit EAD.

P.S I totally designed the Primary 1 website, just sometimes, I'm alright at my job, and well, the rest of the time? I just fucking run tings.

Wednesday, 5 May 2010


"Every time a friend succeeds I die a little bit" an aphorism of Gore Vidal's that I was reminded of when reading The Evening Standard on Tuesday eve. It made me realise how much time I waste lingering around social network profiles, namely Facebook and Twitter, of 'friends' or shall I say, acquaintances of mine, occassionally following their moves and preparing to enforce the adequate amount of dismay to their merits, or even simply waiting for said merits to become apparent (if they ever do?) I guess it's all part and parcel of keeping aware of potential competition? ..or um, generally about...erm....a whole lotta nothing.

Which then drew attention to the fact that I do indeed, tend to do the odd bit of following a few tweeters, whom in some cases, I don't even KNOW (although I convince myself that they somehow are aware of me in some disjointed way) - resulting in making me very much aware of them and what they're doing. I'm not ashamed to admit that on the rare occassion, it's caused varied degrees of anger, jealousy and mostly frustration. But seriously, why?

Why should I care that someone I've NEVER met is working THAT campaign or got THAT job?

So, I decided to trim the fat, slowly but surely I am unfollowing, unfriending and essentially, without their knowledge, serving a number of people with my very own digital friendship ASBO, and it feels good. Funnily enough it has made a significant difference to my general outlook on the vibes of life and even my daily routine. No being bummed out for nothing and you know what? I could actually care less about what some ANNNNY gash is up to.

Out of sight and out of mind, indeed. I strongly suggest you consider a similar springclean. You never know who might be lurking, all I can assure you of now is that it's no longer me ;)

In conclusion, no - my friends succeeding actually makes me happier than ever, and I'm looking forward to seeing my friends COMPLETELY running tings.

This totes irrelevant blog post was soundtracked by a combination of my latest crushez, the wonderful Arthur Beatrice and ya know, Caribou, I'm not even gonna bother linking to them because if you haven't already got the album, you must be having a really great time under that rock.


Sunday, 25 April 2010

Bed, not SHED

My friend Dan can probably always respond to any email with a YouTube video to accommodate the absence of words, who needs words anyway?

For example, I recently told him that I got really drunk with Primary 1 (and Dennis & Stella) following a performance supporting Ellie Goulding at Heaven, that induced MIND BLOWAGE, If I do say so myself. Then I spent the remainder of the night singing along to Phoenix and AQUA and eventually, decided to fall asleep in the shed of the guys' house we had invaded (upon invitation).

So his reply was this:

Friday, 23 April 2010


I had to post this. BIG UP JEANETTE LEE and all the ladies running tings in the music industry. We're taking over.

Taken from THE CMU


Rough Trade co-founder Jeannette Lee accused the music industry of being far too male dominated this week, and she's right you know. And it's all horribly white at the top, too. And yet it's an industry that talks about diversity issues very rarely. At least the horribly white male dominated City agonises about its lack of diversity from time to time.

The famously low profile Lee was speaking at the Association Of Independent Music's previously reported Women In Entertainment event. As one half of the male-female double act behind the Rough Trade label and artist management empire, she says she has experienced first hand the sexism that exists in the music business.

According to Billboard, she told the event: "If I walk into a room with [fellow Rough Trade boss] Geoff [Travis], people assume I am his PA. I think men are threatened by women who are doing well, and sometimes when I walk into a board meeting, they don't know what to say to me".

Travis, also taking part in the event, added: "The industry still thinks of me as Rough Trade and don't think of Jeannette as my equal partner. It has something to do with old-fashioned sexism. It is inconceivable that Rough Trade would have been successful without her. Lennon had McCartney... Me, I had Jeannette Lee".

Lee admitted that her personal decision to keep a relatively low profile had partly led to her being written out of the Rough Trade story by many, but added that when men and women collaborate on music ventures there is too often an assumption it's the men who lead the operation. Lee also dealt with the myth that women had to be "flirty or bitchy" to succeed in the music business, adding a passion for music was most important and "just be good at your job".

Another panel at the same event noted that the industry had wider diversity issues than just gender discrimination. AIM's Remi Harris revealed that she had agreed to chair a new not-for-profit body called the Alliance For Diversity In Music and Media, explaining: "After ten years in the business, it's only recently that I have been comfortable being a black woman in this industry".

Thursday, 22 April 2010

This Is Bangin: Volume 1

Thought I'd share with the whole entire world how bangin my current playlist on iTunes is. Don't come at me with Spotify, because I don't think you can get any of this ISH on Spotify. Not that I'm against it, gotta love it. But it just doesn't fulfill my deepest desires to only vibe on bangers.

1. As We Enter (Nas & Damian Marley)
2. I Need Dollar (Aloe Blacc)
3. Flash a Hungry Smile (Mystery Jets)
4. My Town (secret new thing I'm managing, shut up)
5. Exhibit C (Jay Electronica)
6. Dreaming of Another World (Mystery Jets)
7. New Danimal Kingdom song yet to be named
8. Never Know (Primary 1)
9. You Better Leave Me (Liam Bailey)
10. Serotonin (Mystery Jets)
11. In Sleep (Lissie)
12. Princess (Primary 1)
13. Show Me The Light (Mystery Jets)

As you can tell, heavily features tracks from the new Mystery Jets album, have a little read on about the new album, full tracklisting and other potent album vibes here

Banger you need in your life right now: As We Enter - Damian Marley & Nas.

Let me get one thing straight, I didn't like Nas up until now, had a pretty unjustified hatred for him if I'm being honest. I once spat in the face of this douche at secondary school who looked like Nas, not ONLY because he looked like Nas, but because he riled me up and was just a massive douchebag. He seriously did not approve, I ended up with a black eye and well, he couldn't walk properly.

As We Enter - Nas & Damian Marley: Download Me
direct download link held against own will and stolen from, ruspect.