Friday, 7 May 2010


2010 isn't the year of the Tiger, them chinese heads must be dizzy because it's the year of the Lion, aka Primary 1.

If you're not yet familar with the sounds, cop a listen on MySpace. So far we've had out 'The Blues' featuring that little Swedish siren Nina Persson, it's beaute, download it for free at Previously to that, we had an entire album compiled of sweet leftfield joys called 'Mess Detective. My absolute favourite track being 'Enough' - reminds me of that opening scene in Romeo & Juliet? You know...the one where Leo is wandering around on that beach? Alright fine I'll shut up.

So we're going in HARD with first proper single, Princess. It's a right fucking banger, get familar with the video below, directed by the Radical dudes behind recent Yeasayer visual vibes. It's out on 4th July (just in time for the Americans to party party their heads off celebrating independence and the fact they don't even have a princess, or royal family, it's cool - they've got Obamarama) and there are remixes coming from MJ Cole and CHLLNGR - if you give a shizer about remixes. There is also a re-invention by the band of Florence & The Machine, masterminded by the true Believer, and the best person you'll ever follow on Twitter, @DennisBelieve - he's a real shit EAD.

P.S I totally designed the Primary 1 website, just sometimes, I'm alright at my job, and well, the rest of the time? I just fucking run tings.

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